Spotlight 10: Possible employment trends in 2019


2018 was an eventful year for South Africa. There have been a number of positive developments since Cyril Ramaphosa took over as president, including the progress of the commissions of inquiry instated on state capture and SARS, as well as some key measures to spur economic growth, such as the drive to secure $100 billion in new investments. At the same time, South African consumers have been hit hard by a VAT increase and successive fuel

price increases. Markets have also been skittish around the progress of the ‘expropriation without compensation’ agenda for land redistribution.

Both economic growth and job growth have been muted compared to what was targeted by Ramaphosa when he took office, and economists and experts differ on their assessments of what 2019 holds. This paper explores the main factors that will influence economic growth and job creation in 2019.