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10 March 2020 Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton

HR DISRUPTED – It’s time for something different!

HR has lost its way and needs to find a new direction. Current HR practices will not work anymore!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to Lucy Adams, ex-HR Director at the BBC, author of HR Disrupted and founder of Disruptive HR, a consultancy in the UK.


At this morning session, Lucy will share:

  • Why current practices won’t work anymore

  • How to change outdated HR practices for good

  • The three pillars of Disruptive HR:

    • Treating employees as adults, not children

    • Treating employees as consumers or customers (not a one-size-fits-all approach)

    • Treating employees as human beings

  • The latest operating models and new capabilities for HR


08:00 - 08:30  Registration

08:30 - 09:00  Breakfast

09:00 - 10:30  HR Disrupted - It's time for something different presented by Lucy Adams


HR Think Tank Members  R1 380 (incl. VAT)

Non-members  R1 725 (incl VAT)

11-12 March 2020 Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town


What will HR look like in the coming decade? 

How should you as an HR leader be changing/ preparing?

As we move towards the next decade HR leaders are experiencing rapid, continuous change, low morale, and in general, really tough and uncertain times. Not to mention facing issues relating to evolving technology, AI, talent shortages and diminishing trust, which will challenge and shift workplace culture over the next decade.  

In this world of disruption and where strategic goals are regularly being reorganised, ambidexterity (recognising when to accelerate, when to change and when to main¬tain course), becomes critical. In the next decade, businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to anticipate and creatively respond to change. HR needs to lead the business - tomorrow’s HR leaders will need to be bigger, broader thinkers, and they'll have to be tech-savvy and nimble enough to problem solve and deal with an ever more agile and restless workforce. You will need to know your business - if you don’t, you will struggle to contribute at the highest level. It’s time that HR takes its rightful place at the heart of business strategy. According to Gartner 70% of CEOs expect chief human resources leaders (CHROs) to be key players in enterprise strategy, but only 55% say CHROs are meeting this expectation. Even fewer CFOs agree (30%). Many HR executives are ill-prepared for this greater responsibility. In fact, only 20% of Fortune 250 CHROs have experience outside the HR function. 

The 2020 HR Directors Conference will mark the 11th year hosting this event. We are proud that it has become a trusted platform for leaders across Africa to connect, grow and share ideas with professionals from different companies and industries across the country. As an HR leader you have an exciting yet challenging opportunity to shape the direction of work and revolutionise and reinvent the way we work, influence, lead and do business.  Are you prepared? How should your organisation be preparing for 2030? 


Join us at the KR HR Directors 2020 Conference which will address some of the MOST pressing challenges faced by HR executives today as well as the opportunities that lie ahead for the future workplace. 


HR Think Tank Members  R10 560 (excl. VAT)

Non-members  R13 200 (excl. VAT)

26-27 February 2020, Radisson Blu Gautrain, Sandton


Organisations today exist in a complex, intricately networked world full of greater uncertainty than at any other time in the business world. 

Without direction, values or purpose, and without the capability to change continuously, organisations who do not respond to customer demands, market changes, regulatory mandates, and digital disruptions will soon become fatigued and dispirited. Organisational leadership must be prepared to respond accordingly. 


This conference will address where OD is going, and provide a platform to suggest ways to leverage the relevance, influence and impact of the OD profession in the new world of work. 

Conference Themes:

Growth mindset 
Leadership development 
Organisational Design 
Organisational capability and effectiveness 
The future and the organisation and implications for the OD profession 


HR Think Tank Members  R10 000 (excl. VAT)

Non-members  R12 500 (excl. VAT)

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