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Membership / Membership application

Member Benefits:

As a Member you will:

  1. Have the opportunity to influence national policy around human capital in South Africa.

  2. Be part of an initiative that will shift South Africa’s trajectory by reducing inequality; creating opportunities for people to have hope, to grow and to realise their potential; give every South African a stake in the economy and enable people to thrive in the new world of work.

  3. Be at the forefront of human capital and labour trends, understand how these will impact your organisation and be able to take preemptive action.

  4. Build capacity through knowledge sharing, networking and collaborating.

  5. Address the issues that keep you awake at night by tapping into the expertise of other members and HR experts.

  6. Steer and guide cutting-edge developments in HR.


Additional Benefits:

  • 20% discount on KR reports, publications and conferences

  • Bespoke consulting and advisory services of IFR and KR’s research departments.

  • Complimentary access to a number of HR Think Tank events and meetings.

  • Exclusive access to the HR Spotlight briefs and position papers.

  • Complimentary copies of the annual South Africa Human Capital and Labour Report (valued at R3 500).

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